May 21, 2022


Concierto Camellos festival tomavistas 2022

Camellos Concert Tomavistas

Camellos will release their new album in 2022 with which they will once again confirm themselves as one of the bands most unique on our scene. They will show it live at Tomavistas where they will present their new work on an exclusive date in Madrid.

They appeared in 2017 with their debut album “Embajadores” and immediately everything began to move around them with a lot of noise. The formula seemed simple, but they have been the only ones who have known how to apply it in such an outstanding way: humor straight out of the bowels of hopelessness; unfiltered messages; unexpected rhymes thanks to automatic writing; and phrases so out of context that they end up creating a new one. There lies its power: Camellos is a band of songs, the kind of band that invite you to sing along with their choruses until you are out of breath.

The four of Embajadores bring it very fresh in their kunda of sound. Hooking up from the very beginning. Outstanding chroniclers of the days of labor depreciation and all the rest. Neighborhood storytellers and songwriters who, through punk-pop, have created a community hungry for rice with things, thirsty for coffee and always in need of a crazy mosh pit.

As traditional and relevant as they are, their compositions are the faithful reflection of our days… and nights too. They will present their third album, “Manual de Estilo” (Limbo Starr, 2022), exclusively on Tomavistas 2022. Get ready because Camellos are back stronger than ever!

They will also be at Tomavistas 2022…