Tomavistas Festival2016

Tomavistas: An experience beyond a music festival


What happened at Tomavistas between May 20th and 22nd of 2016 still remains in its attendees’ retinas -13.000 in total- as an unforgettable whole experience in essence. Three disconnection days amidst nature only few meters away from the city’s frantic activity, swapping the major city’s gray color for the majestic green Enrique Tierno Galvan Park, in spring’s splendour, as if it were a real oasis in downtown Madrid, stopping time and suspended in cosmic reunion, creating a hard to forget atmosphere.

35 bands going on and off two stages with the sensation of having performed their best concerts of the season in front of an enthusiastic and dedicated audience. Coming from London were Ultimate Painting, from New York, A Place to Bury Strangers, from Leeds, The Wedding Present, from Portland, Hey Lover, feeling big and special, because they actually are, very. Bands like Siberian Wolves, Señores, Trepàt, El último Vecino, Cuello, Disco Las Palmeras!, Las Ruinas or Extraperlo received the longed-for recognition they had been usually denied. Other bands like Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, WAS, Perro, Novedades Carminha, Guadalupe Plata, Luis Brea and El Miedo, Tachenko, Mucho, Neuman or Grupo de Expertos Solynieve were confirmed as the most solid national bands of the moment. Others like Chucho or Australian Blonde returned blasting. New values were discovered like PapayaLost TapesThe Suicide of Western CultureHolögramaPerlitaChlöe’s ClueSorry KateBrigitte LaverneBlam de Lam or Le Parody. We also had a particular tribute to our ultimate hero, David Bowie, by the hand of Cápsula. Music shined more than ever, spreading across the grass and involving the audience with its ancestral magic.

The festival was cozy, sustainable, clean, comfortable and had a really exquisite gastronomic selection for all tastes. The lines were laid for the festival to remain significant in the calendar for restless audiences that expect always something new, something understandable, something that makes them tremble all together in good company. Something that offers an experience for all senses and makes them feel treated with respect, closeness, honesty, and care.

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