Frequent Questions & Answers

What type of tickets are available?
  •  Full festival ticket: access to the venue on September 3rd, 4th and 5th (2020).

The festival reserves the right of admission.

Prices and types of tickets will increase according to the proximity to the date of celebration of the festival and depending on stocks.

How is managed the entry of minors to the festival?

Minors until age 10 have a symbolic ticket which price will be donate to “Acción social por la música” and will be a reduced price entry from 11 to 15.

Children up to 10 years old can enter the festival free of charge. There is a reduced price ticket for minors from 11 to 15. Children between 0 and 15 years must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians (carrying the documentation that proves it: ID or family book) or by another adult with the corresponding authorization of the parents or legal guardians and their documentation.

In all cases, they should fill in the responsibility sheet.

People between 16 and 17 do not have to be accompanied, but do have to take with them the completed responsibility form.

All the information about minor access you can find it here.

What if I lose my ticket?

The festival organization does not take responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets.

Are tickets personal and non-transferable?
Yes, they are. If you finally cannot attend the festival, you can give your ticket to another person who must bring with him/her your authorization.
Do I have to print my ticket to get into the venue?
It is unnecessary to print your ticket. You can get into the festival site by showing it on your mobile device.
What happens if I buy my festival ticket from an unauthorized ticketing company, on an online auction website or from an individual and it turns out to be counterfeit?
The Organization does not guarantee the authenticity of any ticket which has not be bought at the official points of sale.
In case the festival is cancelled, how does the ticket refund process work? In which circumstances am I entitled to get a refund for my ticket?
  1. Once the ticket is purchased, it won’t be exchanged nor its fee refunded.
  2. The ticket is the only and exclusive valid proof for accessing the show as well as to claim for a refund in the event of cancellation or suspension of the same.
  3. At the entrance, the audience might be subject to a frisk, within the Law, denying the access with food, drinks, bottles, cans, umbrellas or any object the Organisation may consider dangerous or forbidden by current regulations.
  4. In case the date or place of the event changes for any circumstance the ticket will be valid for the final date or place.
  5. The Organisation reserves the right to modify or alter the program provided when a cancellation of an artist for external reasons occurs.
  6. Admissions refusal right is reserved.
  7. No refund proceeds in case the show is canceled once more than half of it has passed.
  8. Bad climate conditions and schedule changes do not give the right to ticket fee refund.
  9. The ticket holder will have the right to the total or partial refund of the amount of the ticket in the event that the festival is suspended or substantially modified, except in those cases in which the suspension or modification occurred once the festival began and was due to of force majeure
  10. The distribution cost that sales means apply to this ticket will not be refunded in any case by the Organisation, since the benefit of this service is understood to be carried out when purchasing the ticket.
Do I need to exchange my ticket for a wristband? Where do I need to do it? Is there a cut-off time?
At the entrance of the festival your ticket will be validated and exchanged by a wristband. Wristbands will be exchanged until 2am every day.
What if I broke or lose my wristband?
Losing your wristband denies you the access to the festival. Moreover, the Organisation advice broken wristband will not be considered valid.
Can I enter drinks? Will be there food inside?
You cannot enter the venue with  drink bottles of water without top.

Inside the venue, there will be a fantastic assortment of FoodTrucks with all kinds of foods and tastes.

Every FoodTruck follows the Health and Food Allergen Information Policy of the Community of Madrid.

Can I enter the venue with animals?
Animals are not allowed into the festival site, apart from guide dogs.
Can I buy tobacco inside the venue?
Tobacco is not sold inside the venue.
Which is the payment method in the festival?

Tuents by Tuenti is the currency of Tomavistas Festival 2019.

This year payment processes are simpler and same coins are valid for both days.

Is it allowed to get into the site with photo and/or video cameras?
It is not allowed to get in with professional photo cameras (reflex) and/or video cameras. You can get in with them only in the case you have been previously authorised by the festival organisation.
Can I exit and go back into the venue?
You can exit and go back as you wish with the proper wristband. The festival reserves the right of admission in case of detecting any illegal activity or that puts the public health, the care of the park or the neighbor’s rest at risk.
What are the festival’s schedules? What is the best way to be updated about any news of the festival?

You can check the schedules soon on this website.

The best way to keep updated is to suscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media.

Are there any forbidden items in the festival?
Bladed weapons and fire guns are forbidden as well as any other element which is considered dangerous for this type of event: knives, helmets, sprays, selfie sticks, rollerskate, umbrellas and any other element the security staff consider dangerous for its development.
Are baby carriages allowed inside?
Yes, they are. They will be always under its owner’s responsibility. They may also be subject to a search.
Is there a cloakroom on the venue?
No, there is not a cloakroom on site.
Is there a lost property point?
Tuents by Tuenti points of sale are also used as lost property points. At the end of each day, every handed object is taken to the production offices and the next day they are taken back to the information point where they can be reclaimed. Once the festival is over, every lost property is taken to Tomavistas Festival office. If you have lost anything and did not reclaim it during the festival, you can e-mail us to
How can I reserve a stand on the festival site?
You can get information about how to reserve a stand by sending an email to
Where is the medical team situated?
The medical team is situated on the right side of the main stage.
Where is the garbage thrown away? Is there any recycling system?
Inside the venue you will find different containers for the separate collection of waste. We are a sustainable festival, this is the reason why we have a recycling system.
Where are the toilets?
There are WC areas distributed all around the venue (also for disabled people). You can see their location by downloading the sitemap on our website.
Which are the essentials I need to bring with me to enjoy the festival?
Comfortable footwear, a hat or cap to protect you from the sun, a jacket or jumper for night concerts, earplugs (if you need them) and a raincoat in case it rains. If you are a smoker, do not forget to bring with you your tobacco. It is not sold inside the venue.
Is there a security post where I can ask for help in case I have a serious problem?
If you have a serious problem you can talk to any member of our Organisation. They will do everything they could to assist and help you. You will also find security staff all around the venue.
Will there be a map of the venue or a hand programme?
Both will be soon available on the festival’s website. It will also be sent to you by email so you can save it on your mobile device. For sustainable reasons, there will not be any physical handed programs.
Is there any space available for people with reduced mobility or any specific need? And for their carers or companions?
Both stages have adapted areas for people with reduced mobility. Only one carer or companion is allowed for each person.
Are there complaint forms available to costumers?
For those costumers who need them, there are complaint forms at Tuents by Tuenti points of sale as well as at the ticket box.