May 20, 2022


concierto Biznaga Festival Tomavistas 2022

Biznaga Concert Tomavistas

Biznaga return with a new album to once again be crowned as the kings of national punk. They will defend their throne in an exclusive concert in Madrid at Tomavistas 2022.

The greatest rock band of all time said: “Everything you say we are, we are and even worse.” Biznaga would commune with that motto if it weren’t because they don’t give a shit about rock, as it is mentioned in their biography.

They appeared in 2012 and in 2014 they released their first album, “Centro Dramático Nacional”, an accelerated and electrified folklore exercise, which slipped into the top positions of all lists with the best of that exciting year. After that, they toured the entire country taking their art wherever it was appreciated. Then 2017 came and they published “Sentido del Espectáculo” with an American label (Slovenly Recordings) and the success was repeated again: huger audiences, on the other side of the pond too, and a greater echo in the specialized media.

Gran Pantalla” was published again by Slovenly Recordings in March 2020 and went directly to No. 5 in the sales charts in Spain. With it, they reaped praise from all the media, getting “Gran Pantalla” to be classified as one of the albums of that year for media like as Ruta 66, Mondo Sonoro, Rockdelux or Dod Magazine.

Biznaga have emerged as one of the strongest candidates to cross the always difficult boundaries between this genre and the general audience. In a very personal way they have managed to perfect – based on melody, speech, and attitude – a kind of contemporary protest song. It will be with that formula that they will continue to expand their career with their fourth work titled “Bremen No Existe”, which will be published by Montgrí on April 22 and that they will officially present exclusively in Madrid a month later at Tomavistas 2022.

They will also be at Tomavistas 2022…