Our Partners


Vibra Mahou is Mahou Cinco Estrellas’ music platform. It makes possible unforgettable meetings around the live music scene between artists, venues, and audience. Vibra Mahou supports bands from different backgrounds and styles, joining all the fans of music together. A meeting point for those who vibrate with the taste of live music.

Urban Sports Club is an app that offers a flat-rate sports subscription. Choose from more than 50 different sports activities in more than 8000 partner centers across Europe. From fitness and hiit to horse riding through crosstraining, wellness, swimming… Everything you need in the palm of your hand. Find us at the festival to try it!

G.Bar is like a beauty salon, but even better! We are here to make you look beautiful, make you happy and give you more self-confidence. We are an international network of 33 beauty bars all around the world: Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, Moscow, Kiev… And from November 1st we will be in Madrid!

Amazing nails, beautiful makeup, dreamy hairstyles, and looks and styles just amazing!

Win a little present from G.Bar during the festival!

Good luck and have fun! You are fabulous!


Bankia and Tomavistas defend that sustainability is transversal. It concerns us all and require all our attention. Bankia is committed to sustainability in its business model and works for growth with full respect for the environment by incorporating environmental management into the organization’s decision-making process. It has a 2017-2020 Ecoefficiency and Climate Change plan that pursues the CO2 emissions neutrality in 2050. Thanks to the collaboration with the organization and specifically to its plan Pásate al Verde (Go Green), this edition we expand our actions in waste prevention, impact minimization and environmental awareness.

Institutional Sponsor

Madrid City Council is the institutional sponsor of Tomavistas Festival 2021.


AIE, Entidad de Gestión de los Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes de la música (Management Entity of Performers), supports Tomavistas Festival through a collaboration with emerging artists that have participated in the AIEnRUTa – Artistas circuit.

Content Media Partner

Freeda is a digital media that targets the female audience, mainly millennials and Gen Z. Their contents seek to promote the achievements of women, inspire their personal style and promote sorority. Music is a space where these three values come together organically and increasingly, thanks to the visibility of women in this field. They have always been there, but they have never been valued as much as now and Freeda is where the women are. Therefore, they are in Tomavistas.

Official Media

Radio 3 highlights by its support to music festivals and is the official media partner in Tomavistas 2019.

Dod Magazine offers news about both nacional and internacional independent music as well as album reviews and all the latest news about music festivals. We also like series and movies.

MondoSonoro is an independent music content platform. It was firstly launched as a paper magazine in 1994 and it became the first online magazine in 1998. Nowadays, it has more than 200,000 unique web users and almost 700,000 followers in social media. Besides, it shares a partnership with a dozens of national festivals, having in some of them its own stage. What is more, it has been awarded with two prizes at Premios Fest 2018. In 2019, MondoSonoro will celebrate 25 years as a witness, but also a main figure, of the evolution of the music industry.

In Time Out Madrid you will find on a same web and a monthly free magazine the best plans to make the most of the city. From the newest exhibitions and the unmissable concerts of every month to the newest bars and restaurants you have to know. This is why we cannot miss on of the best festivals in Madrid.

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