A Committed Festival

As organizers and promoters, we work to develop a festival committed to its natural and social environment.

Tomavistas is a festival committed to the Sustainable Development Goals: at an economic, environmental and social level and with a clear commitment to welcome every type of audience. We are part of the PYME and ODS Project of the COPADE Foundation funded by the Spanish Cooperation Agency.

Sustainability Actions

Making a special effort in environmental matters, as promoters we feel especially lucky to be able to carry out our activity in the privileged environment of Enrique Tierno Galván Park, one of the largest parks in the city of Madrid.

Therefore, we have always wanted to be consistent with our environment, generating the least impact on it. Since our first edition in the park in 2016, we have worked to make our event a benchmark in environmental sustainability. Every year we reinforce actions in environmental sustainability thanks in large part to our partner CaixaBank.

Some of the environmental sustainability actions we have been carrying out since 2016:

Prevention of waste
  • Drinks are served in reusable cups in order to drastically reduce the generation of plastic waste. In addition, soft drinks are served from returnable glass bottles which also helps us to significantly reduce the generation of waste from plastic bottles.

  • We have also changed the payment method from tokens to cashless in order to reduce the use of plastic.

  • We reuse every material we can from one year to the next one: stage canvas, litter bins, decoration…

Prevention of waste
  • Drinks are served in reusable cups in order to drastically reduce the generation of plastic waste. In addition, soft drinks are served from returnable glass bottles which also helps us to significantly reduce the generation of waste from plastic bottles.

  • We have also changed the payment method from tokens to cashless in order to reduce the use of plastic.

  • We reuse every material we can from one year to the next one: stage canvas, litter bins, decoration…

Selective waste collection
  • In order to manage that waste impossible to prevent, Tomavistas participates in the Selective Collection of Light Packaging and Paper-Cardboard Campaign developed by Ecoembes in festivals with the strong commitment to selectively recover all packaging waste generated to ensure its subsequent recycling. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration of Madrid City Council, specifically the Waste Collection Department, we will have containers to enable the selective collection of the different waste fractions at the exact place where they are generated.

  • During the edition of 2019, about 2,810 kg of packaging waste were recovered. It is estimated that 204 fleece jackets, 75 bicycle rims, 1,688 books and 46 shoe boxes or milk cartons could be manufactured with this volume of waste. Moreover, recycling of packagings entails considerable environmental benefits in terms of saving water and energy and reduction of greenhouse gases. Thanks to the efforts made both by the organization and by the attendants, it is estimated that the emission of 1.33 t of CO2 and the consumption of 5.02 MWh and 26.93 m3 of water have been avoided.

Energy responsible consumption
  • All the lighting of the festival will be LED luminaires.

  • Carbon footprint estimation and compensation. We measure the impact of CO2 emitted during the days of the festival and we return it in coordination with CeroCo2. In 2019 we emitted 65,59 t of CO2. To compensate that impact, we chose the project “Amazon Conservation” in Madre de Dios in Peru. Its main goal is to reduce drastically the deforestation of the Amazon forest increasing the surveillance and bringing benefits to local communities as well.

Responible hiring and purchases
  • We give priority to the purchase of local, ecological, reusable, and/or easily recyclable products as well as the hiring of local suppliers, with environmental certification, and/or that include environmental aspects in their services.

Environmental corresponsability
  • We ask our suppliers for their collaboration and good environmental practices.

  • As an urban festival, access to Tomavistas is really easily with public transport. We promote its use, as well as the use of transport-sharing services through agreements with sustainable mobility and ridesharing companies.

Social Actions

Some of the social actions Tomavistas collaborates with:

Colaboramos en su programa de restauración de vías pecuarias. Gracias a la venta de vasos reutilizables, Tomavistas colabora con Reforesta (link) en su programa de restauración de las vías pecuarias para contribuir a la restauración ambiental de la Vereda de las Asperillas en Villamanrique del Tajo (Madrid) ampliando la superficie cubierta de vegetación. Así mismo, gracias a los frutos y semillas de las especies plantadas, se incrementa la disponibilidad de alimento para la fauna y se contribuye a restaurar el suelo y conservar los recursos hídricos. Además, se enriquece el paisaje y se hace más agradable la vida en esta comarca.

We cooperate in its program of restoration of livestock trails. Thanks to the sale of reusable cups, Tomavistas collaborates with Reforesta in its program of restoration of livestock trails to contribute to the environmental restoration of the Vereda de las Asperillas in Villamanrique de Tajo expanding the area covered with vegetation. Likewise, thanks to the fruits and seeds of the planted species, the availability of food for the fauna will be increased and it will help to restore the soil and conserve the water resources. In addition, the landscape will be enriched and life in this region will be made more pleasant.

Acción Social por la Música

From this edition of 2020 the full amount of tickets for children under 11 has been allocated to Acción Social por la Música, a non-profit association that works to train, prevent and recover minors at risk with the collective practice of music. In addition, Tomavistas will open its doors to the boys and girls of the choirs and orchestras to make them to take part in the organization, teaching them how the festival works from the inside and giving them a place in the programme.

Zero-tolerance Policy

Tomavistas has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of abuse, paying special attention to harassment or assault against women.

Tomavistas is part of the prevention of sexual assault in leisure facilities  programme:  Madrid Libre de Violencias Machistas. NO ES NO. Cuando sea, como sea, donde sea. (Madrid free of male violence. NO MEANS NO. Whenever, however, wherever).

To accomplish this, a protocol has been developed to raise awareness, act and prevent sexist violence by training staff and implementing a violet point at the festival. It will be managed by the Asapacia Foundation, a non-governmental organization that works to eradicate violence in all its expressions, protect victims and promote equality among all people.

Sustainable Development Goals

UN member countries agreed on 17 goals as part of the action plan of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These goals are focused on sustainability and equality.

Tomavistas, thanks to the help from COPADE foundation, works following mainly 9 of these 17 goals.


Salud y bienestar
  • Oferta de comida saludable y variada para intolerancias y alergias en el festival.

  • Prevención del abuso de sustancias adictivas fomentamos el consumo responsable mediante comunicación.

  • Información sobre impacto de sonido en los niños con Safe Sound and Kids 

Good health and well-being
  • Variety of healthy and different food for intolerances and allergies at the festival

  • Prevention of addictive substance abuse. We promote responsible consumption through communication.

  • Information about the sound impact on children with Safe & Sound Kids

Gender Equality
  • We promote teleworking and working-hour flexibility

  • Equality in the workplace and equal payment

  • Violet Point to inform and assist during the festival.

  • Family friendly event

Decent Work and Economy Growth
  • Training courses

  • Hiring of local staff and suppliers

Reduced Inequalities
Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Minimization of waste by using reusable cups and returnable glass bottles

  • Separate collection campaign for light packaging, paper and cardboard in collaboration with Ecoembes

  • Separate collection containers in collaboration with Madrid City Council

  • Reuse of materials

  • Awareness of socio-environmental activities through our web and at the festival (call to action to other change agents)

  • Collaboration with local suppliers with good environmental practices

  • Collection of oil waste, grey water, and large size waste

  • Use of biodegradable packaging both from the festival and food trucks, as well as use of ecological cleaning products

  • Elimination of the use of tokens

  • Ecological wristbands

Climate Action
  • Use of A+++ and solar generators

  • Carbon footprint estimation and compensation

  • LED lighting

  • Willingness to hiring renewable supply and non-chemical toilets

  • Location on an easy-access area

  • Promotion of sustainable mobility

  • Local products

Life on Land
  • Signage across the venue about socio-environmental awareness

  • Reforestation

  • Concern about environmental sustainability

  • Use of ecological products

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • We are a festival with a zero-tolerance policy

  • Code of ethical values

Partnerships for the Goals
  • Madrid City Council, Ecoembes, Reforesta, Acción Social por la Música, CeroC02, Bankia, Wondo, Cabify

  • Partnerships with the media

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