Tomavistas Festival2018

Tomavistas consolidated itself as a reference festival in Madrid


In 2018 the festival faced its fourth edition – the third at Enrique Tierno Galván park – with the greatest of illusions, overcoming all kind of challenges and trying to position itself as one of the most attractive and special festivals of the Peninsula. The objectives were achieved as Tomavistas obtained the highest attendance in the history of the festival. This is remarkable taking into account that it was reduced to two days, although on Saturday the music program was extended throughout the whole day. Animals of the City from every corner of the country (also from other countries) and from a wide range of ages filled with positive energy an outdoor venue specially designed to live intensely all the splendor of the festival. Saturday morning will be always remembered after seeing so many children enjoying the music around the venue.

In addition, 2018 edition will go down in history for achieving a lineup really acclaimed by both critics and audience. It included exclusive gigs in our country as the ones played by Superchunk, Chad Vangaalen or Altin Gün as well as the stellar and amazing shows by other international bands (the highest number of them in the festival’s history with 10 of 27 bands) like The Jesus And Mary Chain, Ride, Django Django, Roosevelt, Princess Nokia, El Mató A Un Policía Motorizado or Javiera Mena. Besides, the lineup was completed by a wide program of national artists – getting one more year that magical balance which is part of Tomavistas’ identity – with bands like Los Planetas, La Casa Azul, El Columpio Asesino, Novedades Carminha, Pony Bravo, La Bien Querida, Belako, Perro, Tulsa, Melange, La Plata, Disco Las Palmeras!Kokoshca, The Zephyr Bones, Chlöe’s Clue and Texxcoco. This balance would have been completed with Iseo & Dodosound, if the sudden and strong storm that appeared on Friday afternoon had not prevented it.

It is highly remarkable this year the program was expanded by the addition of a third stage in collaboration with the sponsor Four Roses where enjoying special Dj sets by Abraham Boba, Eva A & Xabi B, WAS, Trajano, Amatria, Laura Put, Ochoymedio, Say Yes, Man Pop, Blutaski or Las Odio. This space was really celebrated along the weekend and broadened the scope to give the audience as many music alternatives as possible in order to offer them the greatest experience during their time at Tomavistas.

The festival considered by many as one of the most comfortable in the country, responded effectively to all the challenges that had raised its 2017 edition and provided proper services and facilities to the increase of attendance. What is more, it keeps noting conclusions to continue improving year after year.

Again the venue charmed everyone; again the lineup attracted many people; and again the production and the spectacular sound left everyone happy. Tomavistas grew up in 2018 and consolidated itself as the reference festival that Madrid needed. But above all, it achieved a general impact on the memory of the audience that made them strengthen their bond and belonging to the great Tomavistas Family.

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