La Élite

June 24 2023

La Élite concierto madrid tomavistas 2023

La Élite Tomavistas Concert

La Élite will be at Tomavistas making their “Nuevo Punk (yes, new punk is their trademark) on a unique date in Madrid in 2023. They will present their debut album that will be released this December, along with their collection of their recent hits.

La Élite is the band you need and you haven’t realized it yet. Like everything in life, if you get distracted, you will never know it and you will have to feel sorry for yourself because it will probably be too late.

Their music has endless references, but their story is happening right here and right now. Spontaneity, anger, danger, irreverence, beer, cbd and electricity, lots of electricity. Punk lyrics, pop melodies, synth punk and an incredible amalgamation of pills aimed at the party of your life, as well as Devo + Magazine + Joy Division + Eskorbuto + Parálisis Permanente… There you go!

It is not necessary to go too far to get to the same place. There is a straight path to follow at top speed and with no brakes, although it is most likely that you will end up smashed against a wall. Just enjoy it! While the party lasts, Nil Roig and David Burgúes are here with the purest sonic incivility. So, do you take the pill to drown in boredom or the pill to end boredom? It depends on you. You choose. In Tomavistas we have already chosen and we are going to enjoy it all out.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

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