Confeti de Odio

May 19, 2022


Concierto Confeti de Odio Festival Tomavistas 2022

Confeti de Odio Concert Tomavistas

Confeti de Odio, the personal project of Lucas Vidaur (Axolotes Mexicanos), comes to Tomavistas 2022 to officially present his new album in an exclusive concert in Madrid.

We knew about Confeti de Odio in 2018 thanks to social media, where his first two singles, “Hoy será un día horrible” and “Si me quiero”, spread like wildfire, heralding the success of that first album yet to come, but that already made it clear that Lucas understood like no one else the melancholic and painful dimension of the human being.

His debut, “Tragedia Española”, published in the middle of the pandemic – it seems that there was something premonitory in it – has revealed him as a brave and honest artist. An artist capable of delving into the deepest and most contradictory feelings of the human being to portray them – and portray himself in them – with an aim only within the reach of that special sensitivity that just a few have.

Confeti de Odio has emerged last year as one of the most promising names in the national underground, drawing the attention of personalities such as Nacho Canut, Amaia or La Bien Querida. It is not clear if he will be the Spanish Morrissey or the best emotional pop project, but with only one album and a few singles, Confeti de Odio has managed to catch the attention of the media and the public, who have seen themselves identified with his hyperbolic way of singing about love and self esteem. And that unique way of singing about love, contradictions and life in general will be the one that will bring him to Tomavistas in 2022 to officially present his second work.

In his own words: “being a romantic is something innate for me”.

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