May 21, 2022


kokoscha concierto madrid tomavistas

Kokoshca Concert Tomavistas

Kokoshca will officially present their brand new self-titled album in Madrid at Tomavistas 2022. They are part of the Tomavistas family and are coming back home for the third time.

The career of Kokoshca is one of the rara avis of our country. You may have lost count, but they have released seven albums in 13 years. That makes them to be veterans within our borders, but at the same time newcomers because every time they release an album they produce a spark again. Something has changed for the better and you consider that their time has come. This is what happened in 2016 with their most acclaimed album by the press, Algo Real and it is what happened again in 2021 with KOKOSHCA. It is like to strike a blow to the table with their best collection of songs  demanding their legacy, one of the most interesting of those that alternative music has given to us in our country.

If you think about it, Kokoshca have always been there. It has been a long time and they continue on their personal path through that trademark mix of pop and punk, with very special lyrics. They move, but they never go away. They are as big as this unfair industry allows them to be. But they do not care because they are not going to stop, neither to explode live nor to create, because they are very prepared for that. They have always been there so much that they have already visited Tomavistas twice before this one, but we believe that this is the one that makes us the most excited about and surely they feel the same way.

They will also be at Festival Tomavistas 2022