May 21, 2022


Shame Concert Tomavistas

The time has come: the British band are back on the road in 2022 after a break. Their tour agenda is full again with a multitude of dates, venues, and festivals and among them is Tomavistas, where they will officially present their excellent new album in Madrid.

When we talk about Shame, we are talking about a band that has spent their entire adult life on the road. It stems from their beginnings as wide-eyed teenagers, cutting their teeth in the pubs and small venues of South London, to becoming the most celebrated new band in Britain, catapulted by the success of their breakthrough debut album “Song of Praise”. A post-teen anger with which they abruptly opened the door of the British post-punk scene in 2018 and entered into it moshing all around. 

But after all that noise, the silence came into the life of these five young musicians. After touring non-stop (in 2017, they played 140 shows and 57 festivals in the span of three months), they were back to their normal and static life, if they ever had it. A life full of silence and empty of sweaty crowds cheering you on. It was that silence which made them to think about who they were and what was going on in their lives. They had to face with an identity crisis shared with all the people of their age. Because it doesn’t matter if you play in a band or work in a pub, if you are in your twenties nowadays you are forced to deal with a reality no one has taught you anything about. From that silence and that “who the hell am I?” crisis, their second album was born. “Drunk Tank Pink” came out in January 2021 and the result is an enormous expansion of their sonic arsenal. 

They will also be at Festival Tomavistas 2022


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