May 19, 2022


Rojuu Tomavistas 2022

Rojuu Concert Tomavistas

Rojuu is the voice of a new generation and will be in Tomavistas for the first time in 2022. This young artist began his career when he was only 10 prescribing new trap and emo-trap music on his YouTube channel and now, a few years later, he is one of the most important figures of the scene. Rojuu will take the stage of Tomavistas in May 2022 in an expected concert in Madrid that will not leave neither fans nor new discoverers indifferent.

Rojuu was so young when he posted his first songs that in 2021 he is still young. It would be necessary to calculate how old he is now, but actually it does not matter: he has been waiting for us in the future for a long time, sitting quietly in front of his computer, and from there he is sending us messages. When they arrive and we manage to decode them, he is already in another place ready to send the next one. Whoever connects now with his frequency has a lot of work to start with: in ten months he has published “OOO” (a mixtape created during the lockdown), “Y3Y” (the EP with which his sound jumped to more places) and “Roku Roku” (the mixtape with which he began 2021 sampling Camela).

Actually, he has always been ahead. It was that way when, at the age of 10, he opened a YouTube channel in which he recommended new trap artists within a community in which it was not necessary to explain the codes because they were being created on the fly. Rojuu was a scene before the scene even existed. From his corner on the internet, he helped to understand many things that came later and some others that for now we have only been able to imagine. It was a matter of time that he released his own music.

The first turning point coincided with “Bad Trip Camp” (2019), which at that time was his second mixtape, and something changed. His first concert happened and a gap was definitively opened through which new songs would not stop sneaking in between Soundcloud’s trap, digital punk and emo revival. A generational soundtrack that until its appearance seemed to be unable to tell stories in Spanish. Emoji-songs that encapsulate an entire mood at once: if you share them, you save characters because they explain things about yourself that even you did not know.

They will also be at Festival Tomavistas 2022



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