May 19, 2022


concierto cupido festival tomavistas 2022

Cupido Concert Tomavistas

Cupido are back. The band returns ready to make us to fall in love again with them with a new album that they will present at Tomavistas 2022 with an exclusive concert in Madrid.

What at first seemed unlikely, that a trap singer like Pimp Flaco would join a psychedelic bedroom-pop band like Solo Astra and a solid project would emerge from it, today it is already a delicious reality called Cupido. And as for so many thousands of people in this country, for us it has also been a crush.

Preceded by indelible singles such as “No Sabes Mentir” or “Autoestima”, the release of their debut album “Préstame un Sentimiento” in 2019, one of the most streamed albums in Spain that year (we do not say it, the figures do) turned them into the most important new band. And that has not been because they are lucky, but because the way in which they have transformed two divergent trends into something of their own thanks to their unprejudiced vision of the most melodic and romantic pop. And that is always memorable.

After a long break, Cupido returns to the ring. A time that has served them to gather strength and rethink their career based on the same obsession with which they broke into the independent pop scene back in 2018: to compose the perfect pop song.

They will also be at Tomavistass 2022…