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Pip Blom

June 23 2023


Concierto Pip Blom Festival Tomavistas 2023

The Pip Blom Tomavistas Concert

Pip Blom will play at Tomavistas to present their third album for the first time in Madrid.

When we talk about Pip Blom, we’re talking about a very young group from Amsterdam (Netherlands) that started in 2016 as a solo project of their charismatic leader making bedroom pop inspired by lo-fi indie rock from the 90s.

Then she turned the project into a foursome. Pip enlisted her brother Tender on vocals and guitar, Darek Mercks on bass and Gini Cameron on drums, making her sound more powerful without losing its essence, but gaining forcefulness. Their first song written with the full band, “I Think I’m in Love,” was released at the beginning of 2017. “Babies Are a Lie” o “School” followed that first single and caught the attention of The Breeders themselves, who were so impressed that they invited the band to open the concerts of their 2018 European tour.

The group released their first EP, “Paycheck”, in 2018 and after its reception, the prestigious label Heavenly Records signed them without any doubt. With them they released their first two albums: “Boat” in 2019 and “Welcome Break” in 2021, where they clearly showed a deep love and understanding for the catchy and forceful sounds of 90s alternative rock, but enlarging their legacy to become one of the most relevant bands of the new sounds of our era worldwide. For this reason, they have already played at some of the biggest festival in the world such as SXSW, Glastonbury, Corona Capital, Best Kept Secret or Nos Alive.

In 2023 they will release their third album and they will present it at Tomavistas where we will fly with their live show.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

Full lineup