Full lineup

La Paloma

June 24 2023


concierto La Paloma festival tomavistas 2023

The La Paloma Tomavistas Concert

La Paloma will be at Tomavistas officially presenting their recently released first album, on one of the few dates they have planned in Madrid in 2023.

La Paloma are a noise pop quartet based in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán. There, in their rehearsal studio, Nico Yubero, Lucas Sierra, Rubén Almonacid and Juan Rojo composed the songs that made up their debut EP, a work released at the end of 2021 by the record label La Castanya. In “Una Idea, Pero Es Triste,” they managed to find the perfect balance between noise and melody, crudely setting to music feelings such as apathy, disinterest and nostalgia for that which has not been lived; conflicts that are theirs and those of an entire generation. In that EP was “Bravo Murillo,” their biggest hit and the most recognizable song in their setlists.

The presentation tour was extensive and led La Paloma to present these tracks throughout the Spanish geography, as well as to visit France, Portugal, Mexico and the United States. After an intense summer with a multitude of dates, La Paloma faces 2023 with the publication of their debut LP titled “Todavía No” with an extensive collection of hits direct to the jugular, among which I threw a stone in the air, El Adversario or Something change.

They will be at Tomavistas with one of the most important official presentations of their new work. From Tetuán to Tierno Galván.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

Full lineup