Full lineup

Niña Polaca

June 22 2023


Concierto Niña Polaca Festival Tomavistas 2023

The Niña Polaca Tomavistas Concert

Niña Polaca will be at Tomavistas presenting the new songs that will be part of their new album that will be released in 2023. It will be their only concert in Madrid this year.

Niña Polaca is a band from Madrid and Alicante formed in 2018 by the singer and composer Álvaro Surma (Surma) and the bassist and also composer Alberto Rojo (Beto) after meeting as neighbors of the same building located on La Palma street, in the heart of Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid. Combining Beto’s musical and recording knowledge, with Surma’s vocal strength and unmistakable style, they bring the project to life after incorporating Kobe (another composer and, ultimately, drummer) into the band. After a road trip to Poland, they decided to call themselves Niña Polaca [Polish Girl in English], a name with which they played their very first concerts in September of that same year.

An indie rock band with pop songs in Spanish that peck from the garage scene and that are like walking through Madrid in the 80s. They began rehearsing in a small secret basement in the heart of La Latina and began their journey on the mythical circuit of small music venues of Madrid.

Niña Polaca show a strong, unique sound with an unmistakable voice. Breaking in with an increasing and unstoppable force, they signed with Subterfuge label at the end of 2019 and with them they have already published two albums: “De la Línea Diez al Sol” (2020) and “Asumiré la Muerte de Mufasa” (2021). After that, their time came to start becoming known with recognizable songs like “Madrid Sin Ti”, “Nora” or “Joaquin Phoenix,”. All of this made them to played two sold out shows at Ochoymedio in Madrid by the end of 2022.

In 2023 their third album will be published, of which they have already released a single titled “Mucho Tiempo Contigo,” one of their most complete songs to date. So, great news is coming from them and Tomavistas has been the place chosen to present the songs from this new album.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

Full lineup