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June 22 2023


Concierto Shego Festival Tomavistas 2023

The Shego Tomavistas Concert

Shego will be at Tomavistas presenting their recently released debut album on an exclusive date in Madrid in 2023.

Shego are Maite Gallardo, Raquel Cerro, Irene Garrido and Aroa Elvira. A band that arises from the punk idea of the most primal and daring creativity. In June 2021 they released their first EP “Tantos Chicos Malos y Tan Poco Tiempo” where they find themselves comfortable in the eclectic and capable mood of playing with genres such as rock, pop, punk and dance, without having to choose one in particular and with some emblematic songs that have already become hits in their setlist such as “oh boi” or “Vicente Amor.”

After the great reception of their first work, they have collaborated with artists like Zahara and Natalia Lacunza and played on stages of many of the most important festivals in our country. It is in these live performances where the true charm and complicity that makes the band stand out is shown. In February 2023 they released “Suerte, Chica,” their first album, in which they bet everything and continue to enjoy that ambivalence and freshness with great songs like “LUCKY,” “qué voy a hacer,” “Peggy Lee” or “steak tar tar.”

Shego were with us at that Christmas party we had at La Riviera in 2021, together with Rigoberta Bandini, in one of the most special and massive concerts that we have promoted in venues throughout our career. We have supported the project since its beginning, so their presence at the festival is more than justified. A concert that we hope can be one of the great surprises.


They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

Full lineup