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May 21, 2022


La Plata concierto Madrid festival tomavistas 2022

La Plata Concert Tomavistas

La Plata return to Tomavistas to present their second album for the first time live in Madrid. After a period of hiatus, they return with their most infectious post punk, willing to only look ahead.

When Diego Escriche uploaded to YouTube a premature and homemade version of “Un Atasco” five years ago, he had no idea about what would come next. Without knowing it, from his home in Valencia he had just planted the seed for what would become one of the most interesting independent bands on the current scene in our country.

Everything happened very fast, in an accelerated way, like the rhythm of their songs. Within a year they had already published their first EP, with the same title that the song that started it all, and even their debut album, Desorden (Sonido Muchacho, 2018), which they were presenting at Tomavistas among other festivals that same year. An album of ten songs and less than half an hour long in which they knew how to perfectly condense its essence: urgent pop, furious guitars and dissatisfied with today’s world.

In that first record they yelled at us that they were leaving, that they would not return, that they did not want to see us for a long time, but luckily for everyone La Plata are back. Now in 2021, with an even more complex and uncertain world, they return with a new album that they will officially present in Tomavistas next year and with which they will once again act as a transmission belt between the concerns and frustrations of a generation of young people who are asking for a drastic change in order to move forward. The two previously released singles “Victoria” and “Aire Nuevo” make it clear that the roar of their infectious pop and post-punk is more in tune than ever.

In the past, some of the members of the group faced the live shows covered with a mask, now they seem more willing than ever to tear off the gag and look forward precisely at a time when our reality crystallically resembles that dystopia from their first songs.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2022…



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