May 20, 2022


slowdive concierto madrid festival tomavistas

Slowdive Concert Tomavistas

Slowdive will play just one concert in Madrid and it will be at Tomavistas. The emblematic British band joins us as one of the headliners of the sixth edition of Tomavistas Festival, in which they will present their upcoming fifth album next May 20. Without any doubt, one of the most pursued performances by the organization of the festival since the first year.

The British band with Rachel Goswell, Neil Halstead, Nick Chaplin, Christian Savill and Simon Scott has behind them the leadership of the Shoegaze label of which they were the main bulwarks in the 90s. They were not only relevant at that time, but they continued to be an inspiration because in the imagination of all their fans it had been always the idea of a long-awaited return. Something that became bigger after the years because of the later generations and their natural way to discover their music on the internet.

They released their first two albums Just For a Day (Creation Records, 1991) and Souvlaki (Creation Records, 1993), with certain acclaim. The second of them was one of the best albums in several lists of the best of the 90s and was among the 3 most important of that movement, along with the albums of My Bloody Valentine. It is more than likely that the British press, used at that time to invent movements of explosion and decline that were happening in an accelerated way – from C-86, Madchester, Shoegaze, to Britpop -, blurred the real effect that Slowdive had on the popular imaginary. By working with ideas that were stilted, dreamy, and ambient, the band required more special and restful attention. The lack of it, in a way, pushed them to change course after their latest album, Pygmalion (Creation Records, 1995), which were more experimental.

After a long period of silence, from 1996 to 2014 – in which Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead focused on other iconic bands like Mojave 3, and other Neil’s solo projects, or with members of other bands in which Rachel was involved as Minor Victories or The Soft Cavalry  Slowdive were ready to return. And they did it just at a time when their influence in the music of the moment was beginning to be assimilated, and to respect their legacy, as it is the case of Beach House. With that atmosphere, and after several special concerts where the band back to the stages with strong repercussion, their fourth album arrived: Slowdive (Dead Oceans, 2017) with which they achieved one of the greatest success of a return for a British band of the 90s, entering for the first time in the TOP 20 best-selling albums in the UK, as well as in the Billboard chart in the US. The press from all over the world unanimously acclaimed their work, something that the band received with surprise and enthusiasm. They played many festivals before going on an extensive tour throughout the globe in which they have been immersed in the last years.

The greatest news is that Slowdive are releasing their fifth album in the coming months and we believe now it is the best time to enjoy them with its official presentation at Tomavistas.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2022…


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