The Marías

May 21, 2022


The Marías concierto Madri Tomavistas

The Marías Concert Tomavistas

The Marías visit Madrid for the first time to present “Cinema”, their debut album, with an exclusive concert at Tomavistas 2022.

The Marías are the psychedelic-soul result of the union of Puerto Rican-bred, Atlanta-raised María Zardoya and Los Angeles native, Josh Conway. A smooth rendezvous of jazz percussion, hypnotic guitar riffs, smoke-velvet vocals and nostalgic horn solos. Un cocktails of sounds that let you know from the very first time you listened to it there’s something undeniably sensual in their dreamlike fusion of jazz, psychedelia, funk and lounge. 

The Marías are newcomers, but not at the same time. Until 2021 they have not published their first album, but their particular and intimate music has been resounding for almost five years through singles and EPs. This has consolidated them as one of the most visionary musical projects of recent years and one of the most promising independents bands in the United States. Now the time has come to finally take the final step and they have done it with Cinema, an album recorded during the 2020 lockdowns. With this work they have wanted to create a universe of their own and different from everything before while exploring their own limits. The result has been an album with personality, honest and that grabs you like the best films do. A collection of sincere songs in which English and Spanish flow naturally accompanied by careful and delicate melodies.

The name of the album is not chosen at random since from the first moment they wanted to compose a piece of art that would recreate a cinematographic universe. An album composed as if it were a movie with its three acts. The influence of the film world on this debut is so deep that they have even thought about who they would like to direct a movie based on the album. The answer is Pedro Almodóvar and, honestly, the answer should not surprise us since even one of the tracks from the album is called “Hable con Ella” (Talk To Her), like the Oscar-winning film by the Spanish director.

We do not know if that film version will ever be produced. For now, what we do know for sure is that it is time for this cinematographic album to see the light of day and, in its case, the big screen will be replaced by stages where it can be presented live, such as Tomavistas 2022.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2022…


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