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La La Love You

June 22 2023


Concierto La La Love You  festival tomavistas 2023

The La La Love You Tomavistas Concert

La La Love You will be at Tomavistas with the official presentation of their new album that will be published in May 2023.

The band was formed in Parla in 2007. They took their name from a song by Pixies. Among their great references were Airbag and from the beginning they showed their love for power-pop and punk-pop: fresh, direct and optimistic choruses and songs. The band went through their particular journey through the Spanish underground scene, supported by Radio 3 and standing out at that time as a rising group that suffered from the ills of that time: Internet did not count for the development of musical careers, so they had to be patient and wait for better times.

In June 2019, quite some time after their debut, their first milestone happened. Sometimes it seems so easy (although we all know it’s not) like Amaia saying in La Resistencia that it was the band she was listening to at that moment. Just a minute was enough for people to search for them on Google and streaming platforms and feel a sudden crush. They put six songs on Spotify’s Top Viral. La La Love You only needed one minute of mass exposure in the age of social media for the youth to discover their new favorite band.

After reaching that point, and with the help of Subterfuge, their label, they published “El Fin del Mundo” at the beginning of 2020. Days later Covid and the lockdowns arrived. Everything was very premonitory. Quickly the song was one of those that were played from the balconies, where confined people came out to applaud to thank the health personnel for their work and greet their confined neighbors; it became the song of the summer and since then it has remained at the top of the most listened and sold songs in our country. It currently has more than 85 million streams on Spotify. With that success, the awards also arrived: MTV EMA for Best Spanish Artist, triple Platinum for “El Fin del Mundo” or Rising Artist at the Odeón Awards.

In 2023 they will publish their third album entitled “Blockbuster, and they have already released different singles from it. The most recent is “El Principio de Algo,” a featuring with Samuraï. It is already a new hit on Spotify and is among the new national pop that shakes hands with bands like La Casa Azul, Alizzz or Ginebras, and that is changing the trends and musical rhythms of our time. For this reason, this pill of recent history of our music should be at Tomavistas this year with its exclusive presentation in Madrid.

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

Full lineup