Full lineup

Los Planetas 30th Anniversary of “Super 8”

24, 25 May, 2024


Los Planetas Super 8 Madrid Tomavistas

Los Planetas “Super 8” Concert Tomavistas

What can we do if after 30 years we can’t stop loving Los Planetas? Well, that’s it, we have nothing left to do but celebrate: Tomavistas will be the place in Madrid where the band from Granada will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut album “Super 8”. A very special date within a tour that will only happen during 2024. They will play in full this essential album, a symbol of the success of independent music in our country. A work that was their springboard to get to the established Olympus of fundamental groups in the collective memory and that has made the transgenerational hearts of lovers of the best noisy and spherical pop beat.

1994. Granada. España. J, Florent, May, Paco. A myth is born: “Super 8” by Los Planetas.

2014. Madrid. Spain. Tomavistas is born. It is inspired by that old kind of videocamera that brought together the most emotional moments of life in 3 minutes. And what was inside a tomavistas? Well, a super 8 video tape! Like the album of one of the bands that marked the path the festival took since the very first edition with the best of noisy and spherical pop from here and there basically. First circle closed!

2018 and 2022. Madrid. Spain. Los Planetas play Tomavistas festival and Tomavistas Extra with two unforgettable shows closing another shared circle.

2024. Madrid. Spain. “Super 8” turns 30 while Tomavistas turns 10. One inside the other. A magic, unique and trascendental union that brings with it art, passion, and the closing of the third circle.

A hurricane, a tornado, a madness or whatever. But it will be real and we will enjoy it as one of the most special moments in the history of the festival ever.