Full lineup

Dinosaur JR.

24, 25 May, 2024
The Jesus And Mary Chain Tomavistas 2023

Dinosaur Jr. will be in Tomavistas going over their 40-year career in Madrid in which will be their only concert in Spain in 2024.

If we talk about Dinosaur Jr., we are talking about an American alternative rock band that was formed in 1984 in Massachusetts originally with the simple name of Dinosaur, the name under which they published their first and self-titled album. The band was founded by J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph and after that first album, they released then as Dinosaur Jr. their second album, “You Are Living in Over Me” in 1987, and third album, “Bug” in 1988. Those albums made them, along with Pixies and Sonic Youth became icons of independent rock worldwide, laying the seed of what Nirvana would inherit in their historic debut “Nevermind” in 1991.

After those three albums, Lou Barlow was fired from the band by J. Mascis and formed another reputable group called Sebadoh (which we already had a few years ago in our concert series Tomavistas Ciudad). Subsequently, Dinosaur Jr. continued publishing great albums such as “Green Mind” (1991), “Where You Been” (1993), “Without a Sound” (in which we can find their iconic hit “Feel the Pain”) and “Hand it Over” (1997). After that, they paused their activity for J Mascis’ solo project. Finally, in 2005 the band returned with Lou Barlow again and since that moment, they have released six other albums. The last one was the acclaimed “Sweet it into Space” in 2021.

In the decades since the release of that first trio of foundational Dinosaur Jr. albums, it has become clear that their sound, once hailed as a kind of almost domesticated noise, has been in full swing without a break. Ultimately, it has always been pop music of some kind. The bands from the generations that came after grew up breathing Dinosaur Jr.’s fumes managed to tweak the edges of their original post-hardcore songs enough for listeners to realize that there had always been melodies at the center of everything they did. What Dinosaur Jr. produces is nothing more than a beautiful new version of the rock essence: riff, power, rhythm, and desire. All of this created with an eye on the infinite future.

All that great journey of decades of hurtful sound will be compiled in their performance in Tomavistas, in the only concert that Dinosaur Jr. will play in Spain in 2024.