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Blanco Palamera

June 24 2023


concierto Blanco Palamera  festival tomavistas 2023

The Blanco Palamera Tomavistas Concert

Blanco Palamera will be at Tomavistas presenting new songs along with the great songs from their latest album released in 2022. It will be their only concert in Madrid in 2023.

Blanco Palamera is an electronic pop project based in Santiago de Compostela founded in 2018 by Manuel Blanco and Xoán Domínguez. The duo works in privacy and never outside. And not just because the context of recent years has wanted it that way: Blanco Palamera have been opening their hearts from the first chord, as they demonstrated on “Promesas,” their debut album, acclaimed by the specialised press. That same intimacy was evident in “INTIMIDADE” (2022), in capital letters and without ambiguity: a second album that has come to illuminate once and for all what “new pop” is.

A “new pop” in which perfect melodies collide with textures that range from future funk to electronic programming, from bolero to groove, from the r&b of lullabies to keep you awake to music to petting, from progressive pop to hits of an alternative radio.

A major work, aimed to be absolutely revealing in alternative pop productions in Spanish. As examples: “Verte Ganar,” “No juega,” “Pelear” and “Al mirar,” four gems that illuminated different sides of that modernist pop look that Blanco Palamera have. A duo capable of maintain their identity both when they approach funk and progressive pop, tropical indie-dance or great pop.

Their career is at its best. They recently published “Mundo Pequeno,” another jewel in their repertoire that points to a new evolution. Their concerts have become more and more crowded and a pleasure for the senses. That is why they will be in Tomavistas, because they have conquered us for some time now.


They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

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