Tomavistas Extra2020

A festival in the new normal

Tomavistas Extra has been a concert series created by Tomavistas that has meant the success of perseverance in extraordinary times. Perseverance from the organization, collaborators, bands and the audience. 2020 will go down in history for the greatest lesson in tolerance to frustration and uncertainty that our planet has experienced in many years and that has driven the cultural sector, and specifically the live music, to an impeccable reinvention by adapting the security of the audience and artists in the way of executing and enjoying music with unexpected normality in an unprecedented context.

That chemistry of achievement and satisfaction worked perfectly on September 20, 23, 24, 25 and 26 at IFEMA and on its final night at La Riviera on October 2, with an attendance of 3,500 people that enjoyed 12 bands and 5 DJs representing emblematic venues from Madrid such as El Sol, Ochoymedio, Maravillas, Wurlitzer Ballroom, Tupperware and Picnic.

Opening day tasted like future. Natalia Lacunza and dani opened the series hitting the stage with the support of Vibra Mahou showing that their first records promise a horizon full of success and great songs. In addition, the presence of Ópera Primas Dj will remain in our memory as one of the most interesting dj sets of those days, with an enviable musical lesson.

On the second day, three bands got together and awakened that Tomavistas spirit with an injection of energy and great sensations for many hours. Nueva Vulcano presented their new work published just a few days before, Hinds did the same with one of the best albums of 2020 and Los Punsetes also presented a new single. Varied rhythms, but with a common link that left us flying. It was a magical day that Wurli Dj closed with a great dose of rock and garage that wrapped up very well that gift of having such an incredible music triplet.

The third day gave us goosebumps. Dorian brought such a spectacular visual production and an amazing sound that their fans were left with their mouths open. As they are used to playing with the same production on big festival stages for 20,000 people, this musical explosion with their unquestionable catalogue for a few privileged people acquired a significance that marks a milestone for macro productions in small spaces. Something to take into account for future events. Besides, L E O also debuted that day, an interesting project to follow closely, and Ochoymedio Dj shared with us a great collection of hits from yesterday and today.

Carolina Durante were prepared to face the fourth day, but before them, irreverent band Menta took the stage. It was their first concert since the band was formed and the truth is that what they showed was neither new nor little rehearsed. Another band from Sonido Muchacho with a great future ahead. After them, Carolina Durante triumphed in style. With a 70-minute show, they revisited their entire catalog of overwhelming songs and the inward mosh in the front rows created a new way to enjoy rock music. In the end, it was time to reinvent themselves and they really did it! Both the band and the audience in a common swinging to a rowdy punk pop beat. What is more, Say Yes Dj joined the party adding that exquisite touch that he treasures during the whole night.

The last day at IFEMA was one of those we will always remember for many reasons: the main one was that Novedades Carminha hit the stage as if it were the first time (they had not played in Madrid for more than a year) and enjoyed every minute with eagerness, just like the audience that enjoyed the gig with an exemplary behavior. Novedades Carminha cannot be enjoyed without moving all the muscles of your body and they did it sitting in their chair, with bright eyes and electrified body rhythms. Odd times, but unforgettable lessons of civility and intensity. Pure magic like the disco pop sessions of El cuerpo de Disco (it was insane) and Adrián Le Freak’s usual and great ability.

On October 2 Chucho putted an end to this adventure that has been Tomavistas Extra at La Riviera. Presenting officially for the first time their recently released album, our dear friend Fernando Alfaro, a master and a myth, and his band played the best live performance that is remembered from the band since they formed the group more than 25 years ago. That was a true gift.

Everything happened in long days and strange nights, in which the city threatened to collapse but from below it bounced up to the sky. A rollercoaster of images, sighs and absolute satisfaction for all the greatness experienced in this incredible journey: unique, unclassifiable and absolutely emotional for the Tomavistas family.

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