Triángulo de Amor Bizarro

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro are one of the regulars in Tomavistas and one of the national groups we love the most. This will be their third appearance in five editions and once again they will be presenting their new album scheduled to be published in 2019. It will be connected to their recently published EP titled ‘El Gato Pardo’ and their great and extensive collection of instant hits that they treasure in their long career

Little can be said of them that has not already been said: their albums are usually the best of each year in which they are published for specialized media; their legion of fans has grown up shaken by their particular way of making punk songs with a few touches of successful melodies with a pop cadence strategically well measured, and their live performances have always been one of the most effective in our country.

In 2019 they are 15 years old and we are 5, a great opportunity to celebrate part of that great trip we have developed together.


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