Toro y Moi

Chaz Bear (also known as Toro y Moi) became a musician at a very young age. He grew up listening to records of Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello or The Specials at home. All of these references were unusual for a kid from South Carolina and they helped him to build his own complex musical world.

Chaz started to play and record original pieces on his early adolescence forming several indie bands from secondary school years to the moment in which he signed with Carpark Records in 2009 as his personal project: Toro y Moi. Before signing with the label, he was already a very prolific artist and had published up to that date more than 10 albums on his own. The first albums of Toro y Moi consisted of R&B, pop and 80s-electronic music. Chaz caught the attention of music bloggers and labels with his dreamy bedroom recordings which finally were included on his first album with the title ‘Causers of this’. But it was his second album, ‘Underneath the pine’ (2011), that made him receive the press acclaim (especially the great praises from Pitchfork) and jump into the international scene. This took him to our country where he played thanks to Día de la Música festival that year.

Since then, Chaz has not stopped investigating and creating unique albums that have made him becoming one of the most versatile and respected artists in his country. He has been publishing a new album every two years or so, and he has just released the last one: ‘Outer Peace’, where he shows his ability to stay at the forefront of the evolution of music using, with his own signature, contemporary references of hip hop mixed with funk, eurodance and environmental elements. All of them are interwoven with a lot of magic and preserving Toro and Moi’s aesthetics par excellence.


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