The Horrors

Exclusive date in Spain in 2020

10th anniversary of 'Primary Colours'

The emergence of The Horrors in 2007 with their first album “Strange House” was a kick in the stomach of British music at the time. The Southend-On-Sea band wove, with a post-punk tilted to the garage, a return to the exposed rage perhaps inherited enough from Interpol, but with the British grounds of a mixture between My Bloody Valantine and Bauhaus. Immediately their value was on the rise thanks to their sinister image, but above all to their concerts that barely lasted 30 minutes. They were blamed for some incomprehensible arrogance for their age: they were only in their twenties. For all of this their career began at a very high point.

With the mentioned preambles and being in the spotlight of the music press, in 2009 the publication of “Primary Colors” turned out to be an event. An album full of direct, rabid and eminently sinister tracks such as “Three Decades”, but others more expansive flirting with psychedelia, such as their celebrated “Sea Within a Sea”. They were received with all kinds of praises. The New Musical Express gave them the No. 1 of the best albums of 2009, above great works such as the debut of The XX or “Humbug” by Arctic Monkeys.

After that, they published several more interesting albums such as “Skying”, “Luminous” or the most recent “V” which they presented at Tomavistas in 2017, where they absolutely triumphed. But in this edition, what concerns us and fills us with satisfaction is that The Horrors will review “Primary Colors” from beginning to end. It will be their only show in Spain and one of the few in Europe celebrating the 10th anniversary of an iconic album. Who knows if it will be as this for the new generation of post-punk worshipers so in vogue right now. Have Fontaines D.C., The Murder Capital or Idles heard this album? Maybe no or maybe yes. Who knows.


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