It has been two years since Lili Laduquesa (vocals and organ), Enrique Gutiérrez “Don Matías” (drums), David Iñurrieta “Dave Petrone” (guitar and vocals) and María Manolí (bass and vocals) showed their full potential in their second album “La plaga”. It is little or much, depending on how you look at it: time goes by and, in less than you snap two fingers, you find yourself in an age when it is no longer your responsibility to be officially young but you want to continue preserving that spirit, keep yourself vitaminized and hypermineralized. But, at the same time, the things of life have made you more disenchanted, also wiser, and what seemed like everything, in fact, was almost everything.

The latter is because of what it is said about the potential. “Algo para romper”, the new album of the group based in Madrid, was created in the same places and with the same main characters: Rams and Martí in the production, Fran Meneses in the mixes and Carlos Hernández in the master. The songs, 11 in 33 minutes, are just as melodic, equally devoted to explosive pop but, on this occasion, its power of deflagration is greater. The voices alternate and confuse in a more glorious way. Guitars, rhythms, and keyboards sound with more power and reach … but above all there are the songs. Such f******* great songs!

If the beginning of this album does not leave you knocked out, your life goes in the wrong direction. “Como un volcán” sounds euphoric or, in their own words, as “something triumphant / something emotional / something about to explode”, but portrays a much more bitter and violent reality. Then it comes “La constitución”, a stunningly perfect single that shows with great intelligence the social positioning of the group: “Dame algo para romper/ un sueño, una vida o algún plan para que nos joda bien” and, from there, towards what causes the ulcers.

With addictive melodies (“Estupendo” and “Casa Ciudad” would complete the four aces in that way) as well as with mid tempo melodies with substance, the songs from “Algo para romper” are dressed directly to the listener and show a visceral attitude, a slap, a “Wake up!” call. They reveal contradictions of modern life: some more recurrent (the overexhibition of happiness in social networks, the hipster-conscious fashions such as fake veganism) and other more veiled, always transmitting a certain sense of restlessness and anxiety. They take all of this and they turn it into a duct tape ball that they throw to you as a pop candy that will leave you with a strange aftertaste once you have digested it.

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