Spiritualized is Jason Pierce, who was already an important part of Spacemen 3, a band he decided to broke up in 1990 during the recording of their fourth album, leaving a clear path for Pierce and Peter Kember (Sonic Boom) to develop their minds separately. This made Spacemen 3 become one of the cult groups most referenced by artists of following generations.

Spiritualized is one of the most important groups of the United Kingdom of the last decades since they published their first album ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ in 1992. As important as unclassifiable, it was inspiring and became a key record to understand a unique genre like ‘Space Rock’, which has the thickest lines of the spherical and misty experience of the crescendo and the epic of rock without reaching the symphonism and turned to blues and gospel, to minimalism, and harmonious beauty, without forgetting the explosions of rock, noise and epic. “Ladies & Gentleman We Are Floating In Space” was their masterpiece that in 1997 was crowned number 1 in the charts of the best albums of that year for media like NME that put it over such mythical albums as “Ok Computer “by Radiohead. They were the kings in the United Kingdom for some years.

Spiritualized have published 8 albums in 26 years and as a reinvention in the history of British music, which is worthy of study, they published in 2018 – after 6 years in fallow – “And Nothing Hurt” which has become a great success for both media and fans. Many speak about it as an epilogue for their career and the truth is that any movement is celebrated as if it were the last. That is why all their concerts are currently going a step beyond the conventional. For all this, their presence in Tomavistas is a milestone, it will be an essential concert and one of the last gigs given in Europe in 2019.

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