Soleá Morente y Napoleón Solo

Her second album ‘Ole Lorelei’ has been one of the most important albums of 2018 for the specialised press. The reason for this great success can be found in this excerpt from Efe Eme’s review by Eduardo Tébar: “This work stands out for the arrangement and definition of Soleá as its own voice with a strong discourse. Even the drama (because there is drama) appears here with fewer thorns. It seems Soleá is applying Enrique Morente’s ethics: music without prejudice, and if it bothers, it is even better”. Her fusion of flamenco and pop generates debate, but above all it creates a new personal formula to celebrate music in this country. Under this formula there are already unquestionable hits like ‘Baila Conmigo’, ‘Ya no solo te veo a ti’ or the amazing ‘Ole Lorelei’, which makes her music generates great interest and that she has the spotlight over her next movements.

Soleá Morente is currently at that moment in which she has already tried many things, different records and glitter wrappings that expand her universe to take her to a very peculiar place. All of this can give her that concept of complete and special artist as it happens with Rosalia, without the hype and omnipresence of the her, but with very similar personalities and interest in doing something interesting by expanding the horizons of flamenco. She will shortly publish her third album produced by David Rodríguez (La Estrella de David, La Bien Querida) that can only bring very good news and whose songs she will present in her anticipated performance at Tomavistas.

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