Sen Senra

If you still don’t know Sen Senra, you’re in luck because you’re about to discover one of the greatest talents we have around here. When Christian Senra was born in Vigo, only 23 years ago, he soon discovered that his life would always be linked to music: first leading Demonhigh, one of the original bands of the Galician garage, and then with his own personal project that has brought him up to this point.

Sen Senra has come to finish off, to confirm, and to claim a position that belongs to him. We had rarely heard such careful, perfectionist and changing songs (between urban, pop, and electronic), and with such personal and worked lyrics. By the end of 2019 he released “Sensaciones”, an album co-produced with Anxo Ferreira from Novedades Carminha that has turn him in one of the most relevant artists at this time. Actually, many people are foreseeing he will become an artist with an status similar to C. Tangana. From a pop prism, but with a fanbase that is becoming bigger and bigger everyday.

Surely his time at Tomavistas, presenting exclusively in Madrid his new album “Sensaciones”, will be one of the most memorable performances of our edition of 2021.