The story could start like this: there are two Galician surgeons who moved to Madrid and decided to leave the scalpel to dive into the abstract catwalk house music. Connected with the more frivolous and fashionable side of electronic pop, Isa and Sara propose with r.e.a.l. a re-adaptation of the vain subculture of the image through a strange and suggestive proposal where the bubble pop let itself to get infected by vaporous beats and ghostly glitches resulting in a sort of mutant R&B worthy of Destiny’s Child commanded by Miss Kittin.

Winks to high fashion techno, sensual bases stretched like a chewing gum with acidic strawberry flavor, minimal, VHS imagery, experimental dance, 3D animation … The microcosm of r.e.a.l. uncover cult icons such as Filip Custic, Keith Ranking or Jennifer Mehigan confirming a project that goes beyond mere sound execution. #R&B

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