Are Pantocrator a consequence of digital modernity? Are they like Los Punsetes of the era of social networks? We do not know why strange reason they have come so strongly to our brain, but we believe that it has a lot to do with their direct speech and how they have appeared slapping to put some things in the right place. We warn you: entering their world is absolutely easy and can be very addictive.

They are already memorable phrases such as “I will kill you from heartbreak, we can fuck but don’t fall for me, I do it for you, I am a Napalm bomb” (from “No Te Puto Pilles”) or “Fuck, I’ve written her again. She has seen it but hasn’t reply” (in “El Misterio de las Básicas”). Back to everyday life but adapting the discourse to the new parameters of social communication with acid humor and millennial irony at the rhythm of powerpop and garage.

The Barcelona group led by Marta Delmont and Marina Correa, accompanied by Xiri Romaní on drums and Rober Busquets on guitar, published in 2019 “Villacapullos”, which already announced that there was something cool and different. They have just published their second work of angry pop, “La Masacre de Putis”, and we can only say it loud and clear: this band will be really adored in Tomavistas.


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