Novedades Carminha

The evolution of Novedades Carminha’s career is a case worth studying for the music history in our country. If you hear “Ya no te veo” from their work “Ultraligero” (2019) with that nod to the trap and the vocoder and then, for instance, you go to the punk garage of “Pesetas”, from their 2011 album “Jódete y Baila”, you may think that they are not from the same band. But they are. And not only that, but it also makes sense because the guiding thread remains the same: a playful attitude, hymns and punk, because punk is not just a style of music, but an attitude.

It is also curious that although the songs they made in 2009 are not the same as in 2019 (not by a long shot), their fans have not stopped following them and their legion of followers has grown substantially, especially thanks to the album “Campeones del mundo” (2016). This happens very rarely and Novedades Carminha are one of those exceptions. They have that button that they press every time they face a new job and the green light always turns on and shines increasingly more intense. The same one that shines in their impeccable concerts surpassed in quality day by day.

We do not see the future. It is not our job. However, with them it is not difficult to think that their story still has many long paragraphs to be written, that ten years are nothing and that they are already back from everything. Besides, they have promised to be back with some surprises, aka new tunes, that will be really talked-about.