Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado

The duo from Donostia formed by Ursula Strong and Koldo Soret is preparing to start a new year, ‘Their year’ as they have baptized it.

Their year after traveling across the globe on tours through Mexico, USA, Japan, France, Italy, Chile, Russia … It is time to unleash the storm at home.

Their year because after taking the stages of festivals such as Mad Cool, Resurrection Fest, BBK Live or Tsunami Xixon by storm in recent times, their long awaited third album is going to be the perfect excuse to come back to the main stages of this country again.

Their year, because they have decided to take a risk. Produced by the omnipresent Ricky Falkner in the Casamurada Studios, with Jordi Mora at the controls, their third album, which will be published in February 2019, opens new territories and paths for their desert and arid rock that plays for stoner landscapes and 70s intensities. Everything with contagiously heavy rhythms and screams necessary to the society of the 21st century. An intensity on stage of that few groups can boast. Once the corsets are removed, they will not hesitate to approach border or psychedelic grounds to which the followers of Tomavistas will inevitably give in to them
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