Mucho is the music project of Martí Perarnau IV. They were formed as a band in 2010 and have published three albums since then. Among them, it powerfully highlights the last one: “Pidiendo en las Puertas del Infierno” (2016), which is a key work for today’s Spanish music scene and which was recorded with just synths and keyboards inspiring other contemporary music bands. From the beginning of their career, when they played simple pop-rock, up to that album there is a more than surprising evolution: both in music itself and in lyrics, as well as in Perarnau’s singing style, who set himself up as an orator and a sharp lyricist with an absolutely unique and matchless phrasing. Martí Perarnau IV has collaborated with artists such as Iván Ferreiro, Tulsa, Egon Soda, Berri Txarrak or Zahara, for whom he has recently composed the hit “Hoy la Bestia Cena en Casa”. The multi-instrumentalist is requested by the high class of music scene because of his so personal sound and the constant search for innovation, although that does no stop him from maintaining the pulse of his musical career and keeping composing his own songs.



In 2018 Perarnau IV takes charge of Mucho as the only member remaining on the band and releases “Ahí Te Quedas, Perarnau”, the single of a new album that will be released in January 2019, an overwhelming and powerful song that shows the good moment the composer is currently experiencing. He has gone one step further in his musical evolution. The song promises an amazing and surprising album opening the door to electronic music in Perarnau IV’s compositions. Other tracks and details of album will be released in coming weeks until its peak: the album release in January 2019 and its official presentation at Tomavistas.


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