MORGAN is a project born in mid 2012 when Nina de Juan (piano, vocals) showed her compositions to Paco López (guitar and vocals) and Ekain Elorza (drums), although it was not until the end of 2015 when they decide to record their first album, ‘North’, which they edited and distributed by themselves. The album went on sale in February 2016, coinciding with their comeback to the stage, this time with an electric instrumentation and the inclusion of Alejandro Ovejero on bass and David Schulthess on the keyboard. That first presentation concert at El Sol was also the first one in which tickets were sold out. A few weeks later, it happened the same in Berriz (Bizkaia) and in their two concerts at the Teatro Lara in Madrid, in June and September in 2016.

From that moment, and until the end of 2017, Morgan did not stop playing in different venues and festivals, among them Tomavistas. 2017 was the year of its consolidation as a band: they started the year in the best possible way reissuing their album by themselves and entering the best-selling charts. They also continued filling up bigger and bigger venues like Joy Eslava or Ochoymedio.

In March of 2018 and just after a two-months break, they returned with their second album, ‘AIR’, and the comeback was impressive. The album has been in many lists of the best of the year and it has been followed by two in-advance sold out concerts at the Teatro Circo Price where their personal style of working pop, soul, country and American music has generated the best experiences that are remembered in a concert in that venue; with the audience surrendered from minute zero and euphoric about its majestic and electrifying staging. In 2019 they return to Tomavistas and the desire to see them in our auditorium cannot be measured.

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