Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin is back after a four-year compositional break. He returns with an album titled “Seeker” and published a few weeks ago and that makes us realize that something have changed for Mikal. After listening to this collection of sublime rock songs with pure American essence (although not forgetting his own psychedelic ancestry), we are aware of the nature of this album. That is also  thanks to Mikal’s explanation about its gestation. He says he has tried to be reborn in his personal life, with a solo composition in a cabin in the woods of Idyllwild, a small town in Northern California that he had to leave because of a fire that metaphorically announced that needed death and rebirth to later take it to the subsequent consensus with his entire band in the studio. As a result of this, it is has become an album with with a very intimate and energetic new musical formulation that, as he comments, has some inspiration in the Beatles’ “White Album”.

To contextualize his career and the moment he is going through, it is essential to quote Ty Segall. Cronin shares several biographical intersections with him: Ty produced and played on Mikal’s self-titled debut, published in 2011, which slipped into several lists of the best of that year (including Uncut’s); Mikal has been part of Ty’s live band playing bass and singing. Both released a joint album in 2009; then Mikal has collaborated on four albums of Ty and the extensive tours with him in these four years have marked him enough to decide to focus on his own inner world in a more intense way.

In his discography, apart from his debut and his newest album, there are two more albums -all with the label Merge-: “MCII” (2013) and “MCIII” (2015) that marked an evolution and a collection of essential songs that define one of the most suggestive careers within the artists of his generation. By 2020 Mikal takes up the tour life (something very unusual in him) and this will lead him to play in Tomavistas while living his best moment, considering also that Madrid misses him because his last performance was in 2013.


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