Maika Makovski

In early 2020 Maika Makovski returns with her fifth album after publishing the brilliant “Chinook Wind” four years ago. Many things have already been said about Maika Makovski. She is a musician, actress, visual artist, composer and now also the host of TVE’s “La Hora Musa” music program.

When she was only 20 she made her debut with “Kradiaw” (2005) which led her to play with artists such as Howe Gelb or The Jayhawks. Later John Parish (not only an accomplice of PJ Harvey, but also of Eels and Tracy Chapman) produced “MaikaMakovski” (2010), a record praised by critics that made her becoming the cover of magazines like Route 66 that same year.

Makovski’s career has been as diverse as her roots. That versatility has been shown album by album thanks to her multinstrumentalist skills. “Thank You For The Boots” (2012) and “Chinook Wind” (2016) were her latest studio albums.

Recently we have been able to see her in many ways: stroking the piano or rocking as she also does with The Mani-las, her recent project. But now, after having finished the soundtrack of “Quien A Hierro Mata” starring Luís Tosar, she begins the recording of her new album that she will present for the first time in Madrid at Tomavistas. An album that will definitely raise her as one of the most relevant artists of our music.