Los Punsetes

Los Punsetes have done it again. When it seemed that their particular way of seeing the world had reached its limits, they took a hammer out of nowhere and shattered any limitations that could be put on them. Because they and only they have the most critical prism with which to analyze the human condition that can be seen and imagined in any bands of our country.

Seven albums in 16 years of career and all of them are masterpieces. No one can discuss it because inside the underground scene they have always looked at things from a few steps higher than the rest. As Carolina Durante’s frontman Diego Ibáñez said in La Riviera while his collaboration in the song “Tus Amigos” in the sold out concert of presentation of “Aniquilación, the last album published in 2019: “Los Punsetes are the best group in this country”. Shouting and absolutely convinced. He is not the only one who thinks that way.

“Aniquilación is a bomb. An album that is mad as hell. This is not new, but it remains valid and musically explores new mined energy and punk fields. An album well valued by the press as usual (placed 20 in MondoSonoro’s chart) and concerts that burn in flames that as a major problem have the decision of sorting from beginning to end a collection of incontestable hits. Everything apart from that is done. When they take the main stage in Tomavistas they will leave everything in the hands of an audience that already showed their devotion in their previous gig in the festival in 2017. Communion assured in one of the moments that will be one of the most acclaimed of 2020.


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