Los Estanques

After publishing two albums in 2017 and spending 2018 playing in multitude of concerts and big festivals, Los Estanques began 2019 announcing a new album, ‘Los Estanques’, which is the third of the career of this young band from Cantabria led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Íñigo Bregel. In ‘Los Estanques’ we can see the musical concerns of the band through 13 songs that make up an album where they masterfully combine styles as diverse as pop, rock, psychedelia, funk, soul or jazz . The pop melodies which we are used to are based on this work on complex arrangements of progressive dye, updating old sounds and giving rise to a game of perception with the listener based on surprise.

Flaunting the freshness that characterizes them, the stylistic variety compiled in this new work is perfectly integrated into what is already the brand of the house: what they have called Progressive Psychedelic Pop. In this third work, edited by The John Colby Sect and Inbophonic Records, Los Estanques walk from the plains of pop to the twists and turns of the psychedelia and progressive rock without disheveled.

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