León Benavente

León Benavente emerged in 2012 from the union of some veteran musicians from the national scene. Abraham Boba, Eduardo Baos, Luis Rodríguez and César Verdú began a path that after “León Benavente” (2013) and “2” (2016) has led them to publish in 2019 their third album in a continuous escape to the future that has led them to become in only 6 years one of the most relevant bands of the national music scene, which is a task only for a few.

Their career has been linked to the evolution of Tomavistas: they played in our very first edition (2014), also in the third one (2017) and now they will be in the sixth (2021). That is something that fills us with enthusiasm because it is not  that easy to get that two coherent and risky careers within the music industry of this country can have such a precise anchor and that is already a fact to be thankful for and to celebrate together.

Apart from that, “Vamos A Volvernos Locos” was one of the most accurate, interesting and exciting album from 2019. This is how it was received by both the press and the fans who attended to their tour selling out the tickets in almost every venue where they played. In Madrid they played twice with an audience of nearly 5,000 and with all tickets sold one month before the gigs took place. We are really looking forward to be with them so that they can resume their festival-postponed tour to 2021.