Le Parody

Sometimes things become true, but to get there you have to have patience, self-determination and ideas. This is something that Sole Parody has always had along her career. An Andalusian artist based in Madrid who broke into the music scene in 2011 with her EP “Párala Vértigo”.

Since her earliest days in the music scene, Le Parody has experimented with the intersections between machine and voice, combining her passion for technology and folk expression. In November 2012 she self-edited her first album, “CÁSALA”, considered one of the most promising debuts of the year by different specialized media. In 2015 “Hondo” saw the light, a work made from samples of popular music from places like India or Andalusia. An album that confirmed her uniqueness and originality. Some of Hondo’s songs have more than two million streams on Spotify. A success achieved from independence and self-management.

In 2019 she published her third solo album, “Porvenir”, the confirmation of an evident evolution towards electronics, manipulating the sounds and entering  into the world of sequencers and analog synthesizers. A digital disk, but human; experimental, but popular; with a clear look in the future and feet firmly anchored in the roots and that it has been chosen as the fourth best album of the year for MondoSonoro magazine. A classification that it is well deserved because it is a unique musical treatise with its own identity, which is something that we value so much in Tomavistas. We had already looked at her in the past including her in the line up in 2016 and it is a pleasure and a joy to have her with us again in 2020. We hope that her concert become one of the most talked-about and enjoyed shows in this new edition of the festival.


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