Las Odio

Ágata Ahora (guitar), Ali Holgado (drums), Paula JJ (voice and synths) and Sonsoles Rodríguez (bass) are Las Odio, a quartet of riotgrrrls formed in 2015 in the Madrid underground scene. In February 2017 they released their first album, “Futuras esposas”, which quickly became one of the most acclaimed releases of the year and took them to the stages of festivals such as FIB, Low, Vida, Tomavistas or Monkey Week, among many others .

During the autumn of 2018 they have recorded in La Mina de Sevilla studios what will be their second album, whose title has not been revealed yet, and for which they have had the production of Pablo Peña and Darío del Moral (Fiera, Pony Bravo). Like its debut, the Tomavistas stage will be one of the first ones in which it will be released live and so the band will sign 3 appearances in the last three editions of the festival, since they were also last year with a memorable DJ set. Las Odio are Tomavistas family.


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