Joe Crepúsculo

In 2018 Joël Iriarte published a compilation (’10’) of his 10-year career claiming to be the owner of a special formula to see pop, dance and hedonism in the most personal way that is remembered in the history of this country. In that album you can see how his evolution has been from that ‘Escuela de Zebras’ to his most recent ‘Disco Duro’ and how his project has been gaining followers as well as his  explosives and more and more multitudinous shows have been knocking everyone out (Rockdelux chose him as best live performance in 2018). It could be said that he has experimented with almost all imaginable and addictive styles such as electropop, rock, trap, house, cumbia, gypsy rumba, samba, hardtechno, country, postpunk, EDM, low-fi, urban music…

And if that was the story that was told in 2018, the irreverence of Joe Crepúsculo will not stop surprising during 2019 as he will be releasing new songs like the one he just published under the explicit title of ‘Vete a la Mierda’ (fuck off) that gives a new twist to the sound of an artist whom many have already classified as the castizo electrocrooner.

This year in Tomavistas we will celebrate with him (after several unsuccessful attempts) his 10 years  and a half of career with a great list of hits that have already made him to become one of the most essential national composer.

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