Jarvis Cocker presents JARV IS…

Jarvis Cocker is one of the icons in the history of pop especially for his popular career with Pulp with whom he published seven albums between 1983 and 2001, including “Different Class” considered by media such as NME as one of the most important albums of all times. Thanks to his peculiar way of confronting performing art and coming up with hymns, he stood out as a precursor of Brit Pop. However, thanks to his elegance and intuition he got to fly over it to make his proposal timeless beyond his contemporaries and undertake a career without corsets or labels.

While Pulp disappeared from the British music scene, Jarvis began his solo career firstly with a new electro clash project called Relaxed Muscle with Richard Hawley and Jason Buckle from Fat Truckers publishing an album entitled “A Heavy Night With…” that it had a good reception but hardly a continuation. He subsequently published two albums with his own name with some very interesting songs. In 2010 he momentarily resurrected Pulp on a reunion tour signing 20 unforgettable concerts. After that tour they definitively split up with no signs of returning. By that gesture, among many others, it has been always expected a comeback from Jarvis Cocker up to his myth.

Now the time has come and the moment is called JARV IS… They are not Pulp (although in their concerts at Primavera Sound and All Points East in 2019 some songs of them were on the list), but it is Jarvis Cocker in pure essence. His first album with this new project will be out on July 17th, its title is “Beyond the Pale” and he has already released two amazing singles from it: “Must I Evolve?” a hypnotic track of psychedelia, rock and dance (by far, with many references to his most inspired compositions from the beginnings of Pulp), and “House Music All Night Long”, a mysterious and absorbing tune with his own hallmark.  The expectation is huge pending the coming of the whole album, although we can already assure it will be a really talked-about album. With it he will set the course to a new dimension by presenting it in Tomavistas in Madrid, a city that he has not played in, if we are not wrong, since that memorable concert on November 18th 1995 at the venue Revolver. A concert that was very difficult to overcome and it made to keep the flame of dreaming of his comeback. Now it is time to stop dreaming.

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