If their debut, “Leave Me Alone” (Lucky Number, 2016), was an album of festive hymns and full of metaphors, in their second one, “I Do Not Run” (2018), it’s time to get to the point. It was expected that Hinds would write an album about being young, happy and carefree, “but we are not satisfied with that” – explains Ana Perrote, guitarist of the band – “on this record we show our oppressions openly. We want to be brave”. “I Do not Run” is the comeback of Hinds after a period that has changed their lives far beyond what they could ever imagine. Since 2014, the band has not stopped spinning around the world. They have always assumed their limitations, with humility and nerve at the same time, surviving everything they have had to face: world tours, sold out venues, but also harsh criticism, sexism … With all that experience on their back, Hinds have become better musicians, even more intimate friends and even stronger people.
“I Do not Run” shows a better, bigger, faster, funnier and more skilled version of Hinds. They sound like a band fighting for their place and without taking its success for granted. A band that has just started to prove its worth, not only to its many fans but also to its detractors. In 2018 they have made an impressive tour, they have become the cover of Mondosonoro and have played before thousands of fans at festivals such as Primavera Sound or Coachella. Their appearance to play in Tomavistas was still pending but we do not wait any longer: in 2019 we will have them with us celebrating a joint 5th anniversary.



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