Frankie and the Witch Fingers

It has been four years since his emblematic Camino Ácido (2014) and from that moment that unknown Ángel Stanich with a strange voice, beard and shaggy hair has become one of the most vigorous references of the new music scene as well as acclaimed by musicians, media, and public.

It has been a magical time, of countless concerts and festivals surprising everyone with that incredible personality with cinematographic images, surreal wit and irony. A journey supported by subtle generational hymns and an album of recognition that was Antigua y Barbuda (2017)

With his second album he started new horizons and an extensive tour that took him to be part of 28 festivals between 2017 and 2018. Now, after a really epic summer and the release of a new EP, Máquina (Vinyl 10″), with four unpublished songs, Ángel Stanich faces a tour ending that made him to hang the Sold Out sign at La Riviera in Madrid. It is very likely that before May 2019 he publishes some new songs, but which is for sure is that Tomavistas will be a very special date for all of us.