Enric Montefusco

After the embrace to popular music of his celebrated solo debut, Meridiana (2016), Enric Montefusco continues to explore the mechanisms of the song in a new album, Diagonal, which he will publish in April under his label record, Buena Suerte, in alliance with El Segell. Recorded with the instrumentalists who have accompanied him from the beginning of his career as a soloist, the second assault of the leader of Standstill sublimates his music proposal and ratifies his literary commitment from an incorruptible poetic and also political conscience. Giving the album the name of the other avenue used as an entrance and/or exit to Barcelona ​​shows how Diagonal poses a suggestive conceptual game and stands on the back of Meridiana. More direct and transversal than ever, the repertoire sharpens the social critique and because it recreates with crudeness an atypical biographical journey, it does not abdicate its generational spirit.

Tomavistas will be his first big live performance after giving this new step that surely will make him travel the peninsula without rest for a while. It is a starting point of a new path traced with care by one of the most essential artists of our country.

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